Laser dentistry

Dentistry has entered a new era. It may sound as a bold statement, yet the future of dental lasers has truly arrived — today. Introducing the dental laser technology!!!

Dental Art is offering you:

  1. low energy diode laser (therapeutic) and
  2. high energy laser (surgical).

We also give you an inside peek into the procedures with therapeutic and surgical laser, thus simplify the broad range of dental laser treatments.

Why choose therapeutic dental laser?

The low energy laser offers therapeutic healing of mouth and oral cavity infections, pre and post soft – tissue – trauma.

The laser therapeutic healing comes with a variety of advantages – which gives both the doctor and the patient comfort and pleasant experience of the shortened healing process.

  • Pre – anesthesia – prepares the site for anesthesia and expands the duration of anesthesia (which means you will need less anesthetic to be applied);
  • Bone infection after tooth extraction (Alveolitis);
  • Heals Aphthae in just one visit;
  • Smoothens the postoperative cicatrix;
  • Heals all kinds of wounds in the mouth (decubitus);
  • Helps in process of difficult eruption of the teeth (dentition difficilis);
  • Eliminates post – injection pain;
  • Shortens the duration of Herpes simplex labials and prevents it from expansion;
  • Prepares the bone before placement of implants;
  • Stimulates the bone in the complex therapy of Paradentosis;
  • Helps in the problem with Temporomandibular Joint;
  • Helps in healing on a damaged nerve after oral surgery;
  • Helps in the syndrome of “dry mouth”.

Why chose a high energy laser?

Do you want to eat ice cream with pleasure and not with the pain from  hypersensitivity of your teeth?

Does entering the dental office makes you dream of “blood-free” and “suture-free” surgeries?
What if we told you that all of this is now possible and we can give you a pain free, shorter and faster after surgery healing period?

The surgical laser owns all of these advantages, plus offers many other treatments, such as:

  • Laser enhanced root canal therapy which prevents further infection;
  • Correction of the uneven gingival contouring of the teeth;
  • Correction of the gummy smile (crown lengthening);
  • Correction of the black clouds on your gingiva;
  • Full laser treatment of the periodontal pockets and decontamination.


And last but not least the high energy laser has a special feature that provides the fastest and safest teeth whitening system in the world.

LASER TEETH WHITENING – one of the shortest and most effective teeth whitening options – gives you whiter and brighter smile in just 1 minute per tooth.

Give yourself a stunning smile in just one visit and enjoy its effect of up to 12 shades whiter teeth!

For those who want to extend the effect of amazingly white teeth and to rejuvenate their teeth we offer a full treatment plan providing:
– laser teeth whitening;
– home whitening kit;
– special after whitening tooth paste to preserve the effects;
– tooth paste for remineralization and recalcification of the teeth.