Digital panoramic X- ray


Image quality, performance, reliability, and affordability.

Leave it to our digital panoramic X - ray cabinet to create a digital panoramic system with you in mind. The GXDP-300 incorporates the features you are looking for: the most commonly-used imaging modes in a simple, three-step process with specific programs for children and adults. Gendex solutions are designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of safety and reliability. Our imaging devices deliver dependable performance and consistent outcomes that dental practitioners across the globe rely on for accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment planning. With the GXDP-300 digital panorex system, we get exactly what our practice needs for diagnostic efficiency and improved office productivity — great-looking images at a competitive price.

It’s time to take a good look at what a Gendex digital panoramic system can do for you!

• Laser alignment lights accurately guide patient’s positioning
• High-quality images meet diagnostic demands for:

1. Standard Adult Panoramic<

2. Child Panoramic

3. TMJ

4. Bitewing

FOX™ (Focus-Optimized X-ray) technology increases the depth-of-field for optimized radiographic image clarity.
Better diagnostics with panoramic imaging begins with accurate, clear views of the patient’s anatomy. The GXDP-300 features proprietary FOX™ technology to capture well-defined, high-quality images — in an instant — with consistent magnification and image uniformity.

And your X – ray image is ready within a blink of an eye.