About Us

Dental Art is a modern purpose built dental practice established in 2006 – offering you the expertise of 4 dr. specialists and 2 dental assistants with more than 10 years of experience. We offer professional dental treatments at the best price!

Dental care nowadays is becoming more and more expensive, given the latest technology it uses to provide perfect and long lasting results. Finding a dental clinic that will ensure the best quality service and be affordable at the same time is `mission impossible’.

Our mission statement: Creating perfect long lasting smiles!

In order to achieve our mission we:
- are dedicated to provide complete availability and consistency to our patients by full time employment of the personnel;
- promote a comfortable, relaxing and warm clinical environment for adults and children alike;
- use the latest high quality technology and materials to secure the best treatment for the patient in no time;
- care for the well being of our patients, thus securing the highest level of hygiene in our clinic and painless laser treatments.

Our success stories are the result of combining the high quality treatments and the best prices, with savings up to 80% more than in other European countries.

Why choose us?
1. 10 years of experience;
2. Professional and high quality services;
3. Painless laser treatments;
4. Leading - edge technologies;
5. Hygiene at its highest level;
6. Certified dr. specialists;
7. Perfect long lasting smiles;
8. Best prices;
9. Guarantee for dental implants and crowns;
10. Completely organized trip to Skopje, accommodation and activities during the stay.

We look forward to welcoming you into our dental family!